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Cove Mechanical, Inc. is a proud Customer Approved Plumbing Contractor. We provide service to all types of plumbing in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.


Located in Burlington, Ontario, get trusted expert residential plumbing at your convenience with our 24-hour Emergency Service. Take advantage of our Seniors Discount. Call the experts who specialize in plumbing leaks, lack of water pressure or hot water, service to toilets, sinks and showers, broken valves, drain work and much more.


Cove Mechanical, Inc. is your premier choice for Mechanical Contracting with experienced technicians on any kind of construction or renovation, backflow and cross connection testing for the City of Hamilton and Halton Region or plumbing emergency

your business may experience.


Property Managers

We specialize in Commercial/Industrial Tenant Improvements and Maintenance, working together with Property Managers, Architects, Designers and Tenants to make your workplace a home.


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